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PLS System


 - The Permanent Life Support (PLS) System has been developed to support patients requiring respiratory

    and/or circulatory support for applications up to 14 days.

 - The system was designed, and is assembled with the minimum number of essential components in order to

    achieve unobstructed blood flow with less blood damage that contributes to better patient outcomes.


 - The low resistance of the PLS-i Oxygenator and the high efficiency of the ROTAFLOW centrifugal pump

   minimize blood damage.

 - HIT Set PLS Plus is a SOFTLINE coating, especially for patients allergic to heparin.

   Designed for use with the HLS cannula for up to 5 days.

 - PLS Set Plus and HIT Set PLS Plus have been modified for blood filtration or CRRT connection.


Set change

 - To connect the line for blood filtration or CRRT between the pump and the oxygen supply,

    two additional connectors with Luer lock is added.

Rotaflow Console

Rotaflow Emergency Drive

Quadrox-I Oxygenator

RF-32 Centrifugal Pump



 - PLS Set is used to support extracorporeal breathing and cardiovascular function.

 - Venous blood is delivered by Rotaflow centrifugal pump.

 - This pump delivers blood back to the patient through the Quadrox-i Oxygenator.

 - PLS Set Plus / HIT Set PLS Plus is a Rotaflow Centrifugal Pump and Oxygenator.

 - There are two additional connectors with luer locks in between, blood filtration or

    It can be connected and used for hemodialysis.


 - The PLS Set is a pre-connected set and contains the following components.

 - PLS-i Oxygenator

 - ROTAFOLW Centrifigure RF-32

 - Connection tube

 - BIOLINE Coating or SOFTLINE Coating

 - Priming set

 - Reservoir

HLS Cannulae


 - Designed for veno-venous and veno-arterial vessel access.

 - It can provide easy and reliable connection of peripheral vessels to an extracorporeal circuit

 - Easily and reliably connects peripheral blood vessels to extracorporeal circuits.


 - The HLS cannulae can be inserted percutaneously or with a surgical cut-down.

    Arterial and venous cannulae are available in variety of sizes and insertion lengths to meet

    all needs for peripheral cannulation.

  • Smooth transition between introducer and cannula tip

  • Reinforced with a flat wire for lowest wall thickness and high flow rates

  • Cannula bodies are made of biocompatible polyurethane

  • Extended application time of 30 days in combination with a PLS or HLS Set (BIOLINE Coating*)

CardioHelp System


A multi-functional system

 - The Cardiohelp System is a compact heart-lung support system suitable for all 

  - indications requiring extracorporeal circulation for cardiopulmonary support.

  - It can be used for up to 30 days in cases of myocardial or respiratory failure.

  - Highly portable, the Cardiohelp System can be rapidly deployed for transport of

     patients requiring respiratory and / or circulatory support.




 - CARDIOHELP Software

 - CARDIOHELP Emergency Drive

 - Cables and Sensors

Atrium Oasis Dry Suction Water Seal Chest Drain



-It is designed to help restore normal pressure by removing air from the chest.


 - By including pre-packaged sterile water to fill the water seal, along with knock-over     

    protection, the Oasis dry suction water seal chest drain offers fast set-up and is easy-to-use.

 - The full-view graduated water seal makes air leak detection fast and easy to track.


  • Universal water seal technology with air leak monitor for patient air leak trending

  • Internal knock-over nozzles to reduce inter-chamber fluid spills

  • Highly visible suction indicator

  • In-line connector with needleless access sampling port

  • Large, easy-to-grab handle and flexi-hangers allow the drain to be hung bedside from a single point

  • High negative and positive pressure relief valves for patient protection

  • Large, easy-to-read graphics provide fast, accurate drainage assessment

  • Removable slide clamp

  • Not made with natural rubber latex

Beating Heart Surgery

Axious Blower Mister


  • Reduced incidence of a common irregular rhythm post-operatively (Afib)

  • Fewer cognitive and neurological effects (for example, a stroke)

  • Lower incidence of post-operative respiratory failure

  • Faster recovery rates

  • Shorter hospital stays

  • Fewer wound complications

  • Fewer blood transfusions needed

Heartstring III


 - Provides controlled delivery of CO2 and saline during coronary artery bypass surgery.


 - The Axius Blower Mister helps maintain moisture and increases visibility by gently displacing

    blood with a controlled flow of saline and CO2.

 - Off-pump coronary artery bypass (OPCAB) uses local stabilization of the heart that allows the

    surgeon to operate while the heart still beats. In contrast, conventional bypass surgery stops

    the heart and puts the patient on a heart-lung machine during the bypass procedure.


 - Heartstring III brings proximal anastomotic technology into the future.

 - A hemostatic seal enables surgeons to eliminate partial occlusion clamps and minimize

    aortic manipulation during proximal anastomosis that can lead to complications.


 - The Heartstring III proximal anastomotic seal technology allows for clampless hemostasis

    during proximal anastomoses when performing CABG procedures.

 - It allows hand suturing without using either the cross clamp or the side-biting clamp.

 - Minimizing the manipulation of the ascending aorta reduces the risk of neurologic complications.

Mechanical Ventilator


 - Servo-u gives you many options for personalized lung protection and weaning.

 - All are easy to understand, implement and use, making it simple to integrate advanced personalized

    ventilation strategies into your daily patient care.


 - Servo-u provides informative guidance for everything from pre-use check to initial parameter setting and throughout the entire treatment.

 - Ergonomically designed 360° rotating screen

 - An alarm system with a simple description that can enhance the

    user's understanding


 - Servo-air is easy to use and independent from compressed air and external power supplies. It makes owning,

    With its versatility for ICU to intermediate care and non-invasive and invasive ventilation, Servo-air provides.

 - liberating performance for the entire team and now also with High Flow therapy option. 

    learning and using quality ventilation even more attainable.

Volista Operating Light

 - The Maquet Volista Surgical Light sets itself apart with crisp, clear, shadow-free

    illumination to reduce eye strain in all surgical procedures. Surgeons get a clear view of

    the surgical site to deliver the best possible patient care

 - By optimizing color rendering and minimizing colored cast shadows, it can improve

    patient safety and maximize the value of your lighting investment.

 - Green ambient light brings a perfect lighting environment during minimal invasive

    surgery for easy viewing of and around operating fields.

Magnus Operating Table

 -The superb Maquet Magnus Operating Table System is the result of systematic

    improvements to offer the best support for the patient and surgical team.

 - Maquet Magnus offers unique X-ray conditions and ensure clear access to the operating field.

 - With inclination angles of up to 80° and tilt angles of up to 45°, which can also be combined,

    Maquet Magnus enables extreme positioning possibilities. In addition to that the lifting range

    from 535 to 1235 mm (21 to 48.6 in) with the stationary column, accomplished the offerings

    and grants for an ergonomic workbench.



 - Ergonomically designed 535 ~ 1235mm lifting range

 - Table that can be used up to 380kg (838lbs)

 - Hand control with display and self-explanatory icon keys

 - Integrated program memory for storing and recalling up to 10 different patient locations

 - Display providing useful status information and indicating possible operating errors

 - Backlit key panel for comfortable and safe work in dark environments

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