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Magna Aortic Heart Valve


 - The Carpentier-Edwards PERIMOUNT Magna pericardial aortic bioprosthesis is

    intended for use in patients whose aortic valvular disease is sufficiently advanced

    to warrant replacement of their natural valve with a prosthetic one.

 - It is also intended for use in patients with a previously implanted aortic valve

    prosthesis that is no longer functioning adequately and requires replacement.

 - In the latter case, the previously implanted prosthesis is surgically excised and

    replaced by the replacement prosthesis.


  • Enables up to 23% greater effective orifice area (EOA)**

  • Demonstrates exceptional hemodynamic performance with a very low risk of patient-prosthesis mismatch30

  • Designed on the foundation of the PERIMOUNT aortic valve, with published clinical durability of up to 20 years




 - The EDWARDS INTUITY Elite valve  which has been widely used for 20+ years.

 - The valve also uses technology from our transcatheter heart valves to simplify

    placement and shorten operation times. The EDWARDS INTUITY Elite valve differs

    from standard heart valves by only needing 3 guiding sutures for placement,

    instead of 12-15 sutures. 


  • TehrmaFix process_Adresses both major calcium binding sites.

  • Matched Leaflets_Provides proven durability with three independent bovine   pericardial leaflets matched for thickness and elasticity.

  • Flexible alloy wireform_Reduces loading shock on the leaflets during the cardiac cycle.

  • Stainless steel frame_Maintains high radial strength and short sub-annular height for maximum clearance from underlying structures.



 - The technology incorporates a stable capping anticalcification process,

    which blocks residual aldehyde groups that are known to bind with calcium. 

 - The technology also incorporates tissue preservation with glycerol, which replaces

    the traditional storage in liquid-based solutions such as glutaraldehyde. 

 - The compliance of the orifice is intended to reduce the stress on the leaflets. 


  • A stented trileaflet valve comprised of RESILIA bovine pericardial tissue that is mounted on a flexible frame.

  • The valve is stored under dry packaging conditions and consequently does not require rinsing prior to implantation. 

Carpentier-Edwards PERIMOUNT Ease


 - The advanced Carpentier-Edwards PERIMOUNT Ease aortic valve adds enhanced

    implantability to the unsurpassed hemodynamics of the Manga valve platform.

 - Setting the new standards for tissue valve performance


  • Ease of implantation

  • Eased insertion through small incisions or small aortic roots due to low valve profile and sleek commissure posts

  • Maximized coronary Ostia clearance achieved with low stent base

  • Optimized valve seating deu to contoured and compliant swing ring

  • Aided valve orientation and suture placement with three mind-commissure suture marks on the sewing ring

  • Enhanced know tying achieved with sleek commissure posts

  • Eased aortotomy closure as a result of low profile design

Annuloplasty Rings

Carpentier-Edwards Classic Annuloplasty Rings


- Carpentier Ring restores the anatomical size and shape of the valve and

   Designed to prevent re-expansion.


- Made of titanium, it provides excellent strength and durability.

- Helps the growth of internal tissues and reduces the risk of heat by fixing the ring.

- You can visually check the side of the ring to be attached to the patient's affected area

   to facilitate suturing.

- You can mark the suture position.

- Provides a 3:4 ratio between normal mitral valve and transverse to optimize

   hemodynamic performance.

Carpentier-Edwards Physio Annuloplasty Ring


- Carpentier Ring restores the anatomical size and shape of the valve and

Designed to prevent re-inflation.


- Maintains a natural 3: 4 ratio between anterior and transverse diameters

   during systole

- Restoration of anatomical size and shape to provide optimal Orifice Area

- Elgiloy separated by plastic band * Provides flexibility to the product

   by movement of the band

- Minimize the impact that occurs during suturing

- Kidney-shaped ring made according to the shape of the normal mitral valve

Edwards Fogarty

thru-lumen embolectomy catheters


- Multi-purpose guide wire compatible design for soft and fresh embolism

   and blood clot removal.


- Tough, compliant Fogarty® balloon conforms to the vessel to maximize

   clot removal while minimizing trauma

- Provides the solution for distal thrombus removal in the arterial system

- Stainless steel bushings prox/distal of the balloon are very radiopaque

Corkscrew Catheters


- It is used to remove adhesive substances present in blood vessels and synthetic

   blood vessels grafted to blood vessels.


- Ideal for extracting the arterial plug and thrombus that is too resistant for an

   elastomeric balloon

- Corkscrew design increases the surface area for entrapping fibrous material
- Radiopaque and flexible for negotiating a forearm loop graft 

Graft Thrombectomy Catheters


- It is an effective catheter for removing hard and old blood clots that are difficult to remove with common tools.


- The treatment area is made of double helix steel wire.

- The wire of the steel wire is made to be flexible, so it is useful to pierce the blocked

   blood vessels through handle manipulation.

- When the blood vessel is expanded, it forms a plane between the blood vessel

   and the blood clot, enabling effective blood clot extraction.

- On synthetic grafts such as Aortofemoral Polyester wowen grafts

- Used to remove adherent blood clots.

- As an alternative to tools like the endarterectomy loop or Spatulas

- Fast and rapid treatment is possible.

- Radiopaque.

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