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It is a stent trilobular valve composed of RESILIA bovine tissue mounted on a flexible frame.


-The valve is stored after dry packaging and does not require cleaning before use.

-Bovine's flexibility reduces the stress applied directly to the membrane.

Carpentier-Edwards PERIMOUNT Ease


The Carpentier-Edwards PERIMOUNT Ease aortic valve adds enhanced portability to the superior hemodynamics of the Mange valve platform.


-Low valve profile and smooth commission post allow for easy insertion through small incisions or small aortic muscles.

-Maximizes coronary vessel area with low stent base.

-Contoured and compatible swing ring assists in optimized valve fixation.

-Three mind commission suture marks on the suture ring facilitate auxiliary valve orientation and suture placement.

-Enhancement of know-how achieved with sophisticated commission posts

-Easy aortic incision due to low profile design

Edwards Fogarty

thru-lumen embolectomy catheters


The versatile guide wire compatible design makes it an advantageous product to remove soft, fresh embolisms and clots.


-Fogarty's Balloon maximizes the removal of embolism and blood clots while minimizing trauma.

-Provides solutions to eliminate the causes of blood clots in the arterial circulatory system.

-Balloon is radiopaque.

-This is an upgraded version of the standard balloon catheter, which maximizes accessibility through the over the wire method.

-Fluid delivery through additional lumen, blood collection, and temporary blood vessel occlusion can be facilitated.

Arterial Embolectomy Catheters (Tube pack)


A catheter for simple and quick removal of soft and fresh embolisms and clots from the arterial system.


-Used to remove relatively fresh and soft embolisms and blood clots.

-Balloon's symmetrical vasodilation is used to continuously and completely remove blood clots.

-Fixed Balloon using concave winding technology.

-In order to elaborate colorization of the embolus, the balloon swells symmetrically so that it is in close contact with the blood vessels.

-Balloon's soft, round tip to reduce blood vessel damage can also be used for trauma patients.

Corkscrew Catheters


It is used to remove adhesive substances present in blood vessels and synthetic blood vessels grafted to blood vessels.


-Suitable for extracting arterial plugs and blood clots that are resistant to Elastomeric Balloon.

-Corkscrew design that increases the surface area of ​​the contact area is effective in removing fibrous substances.

Graft Thrombectomy Catheters


It is an effective catheter for removing hard and old blood clots that are difficult to remove with common tools.


-The treatment area is made of double helix steel wire.

-The wire of the steel wire is made to be flexible, so it is useful to pierce the blocked blood vessels through handle manipulation.

-When the blood vessel is expanded, it forms a plane between the blood vessel and the blood clot, enabling effective blood clot extraction.

-Used to remove adherent clots in synthetic grafts such as aortofemoral Polyester wowen grafts.

-As an alternative to tools such as the endarterectomy loop or Spatulas, it enables quick and rapid treatment.

-It is radiopaque.

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